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The Safe Horse Auction & Equine Fair – Finding Loving Homes for Re-trained Horses

The Safe Horse Auction and Equine Fair matches up buyers and sellers in an honest and open venue with over 50 pre-screened adoptable horses across disciplines to give them the best chance of finding the right, loving home for their skills and needs. The event will be held on Saturday, May 19, from 9am-5pm at the Kirk Fordice Equine Center in Jackson, Mississippi. Potential horse owners will be able to try out the horses with the help of trainers and health professionals, talk with their owners, with the peace of mind of full disclosure of health and behavior issues and contracted sales. During the silent auction process, professional horse trainers who specialize in gaited horses, re-trained off-track thoroughbreds, and western horse sports will be on hand with to help buyers assess the horses according to interest and skill levels. Top experts in the field will conduct seminars and demonstrations on horse health, safety and training, throughout the day. Horse owners can also find what they need for their new ride at the giant used tack sale.

This event is hosted by the Safe Horse Project is a collaborative partnership of equine organizations and professionals, spearheaded by Mississippi Horse Rescue, who want to make a difference in the welfare of horses in Mississippi. “I have been working with Mississippi Horse Rescue and the Safe Horse Project for almost eight years to rehabilitate and retrain horses that have fallen through the cracks into bad situations. It is very rewarding to see these animals transition from unwanted and discarded animals to trained, enjoyable horses that are highly sought after for adoption,” said Christie Galey, a professional trainer from Coila, Ms.
“My husband and I did not have experience with horses, but our oldest daughter really wanted a horse.” said Jennifer Woodard, a mother of five children from Saucier. “We went to the Safe Horse Auction and it was clear that no one was there to just sell a horse.” Woodard added. “They were thorough and professional and we found the right match for our daughter. The trainer taught our daughter how to work with the horse, and we have now adopted three beautiful horses that are safe for our children and family. The people with MS Horses Rescue and The Safe Horse Project are truly gifted at what they do and I owe them a debt of gratitude for their work and helping our family.” said Woodard.“We are evolving the way horses are finding the right home, giving everyone their best shot at a good experience and a long equine relationship. Internet websites, word of mouth, and selling through trainers has not been the best way to find lasting homes for horses, resulting in horses that do not work out for their owners and are moved on prematurely,” said Stephanie Huggins Billingsley, founder of Mississippi Horse Rescue of Canton. “This sale is the best way to grow the number of people who have horses, while reducing the tragic surplus of horses in kill lots waiting to be slaughtered in a foreign country,” Billingsley added. “The Safe Horse Auction is the best way to find the right horse for the right home, with the best chance of a healthy and happy future for both horse and rider,” Billingsley said.

This year’s Safe Horse Auction & Equine Fair is adding a new feature to further enhance the experience of partnering with a horse adopted through The Safe Horse Project. On Sunday, May 20, from 9 a.m.-noon, a free training clinic is being offered to all new owners of horses adopted or purchased in The Safe Horse Auction on Saturday. A team of professional trainers will be on hand to demonstrate and give one on one instruction to each horse and rider to ensure that new owners understand how their horse has been trained and what cues it knows in order to enhance communication and help establish the foundation of a long, successful equine partnership.

Open to the public, the Safe Horse Auction & Equine Fair is the event of the year to pursue your dream of owning a horse. Buyers and sellers may register for the event on-line at

The Safe Horse Project is in need of volunteers for the event, and Mississippi Horses welcomes volunteers and donors to assist with the daily operations and costs of the horse rescue. Go to or to for more information. Mississippi Horse Rescue, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, protects horses and helps owners who can no longer care for their animals find a humane and loving alternative to a cruel death by slaughter or abandonment.