Gender: Gelding
Age: 20
Breed: Appaloosa

Apache is currently in training and will be back in a few weeks for more saddle time with the MHR volunteer riders. The current trainer says anyone can ride him on the trails, but he doesn’t like to ride off by himself. He’s very buddy sour and that will be something we will be trying to correct before the Safe Horse Auction. More info to come!


Blake Germany is helping us get three horses ready for the Safe Horse Auction Sept. 21. This is Apache, a spotted Appaloosa gelding. Apache was advertised as a walking skeleton with questionable training. This boy has been ridden and loved and some point in his lifetime. He is 21 years old but still has a lot of life left in him and will be a great horse for someone to learn from. For more information on the SAfe Horse Auction please visit their web site, http://www.thesafehorseproject.org #mhrApache #safehorseauction #mshorses

Posted by Mississippi Horses on Monday, July 22, 2019