Gender: Mare
Age: 15
Hands: 15 H
Breed: TWH

Talk about a trail horse deluxe!! We rode her out alone for her first ride and she was very confident, not spooky, crossed ditches and wasn’t bothered by cars or other horses in a neighboring pasture. She has an amazing smooth gait that she’ll stay in all day long, or will walk when asked.

B.B. was a former show horse and dumped with a large group of TWH’s at auction. She has had extensive round pen work to gain her respect. Her main problem was not wanting to listen and she was very stiff necked. She’s becoming softer and is learning to bend and yield her hindquarters. The video is of her first ride and we think she did amazing. We will now take her on the trails and see how she does so stay posted! Her price will increase with training.

Adoption fee: $1,000

BB was a former show horse that we’ve had to work on slowing down a bit. Next step is to see how she does on the trails! ❤️

Posted by Mississippi Horses on Sunday, March 17, 2019