Breed:Arabian Thoroughbred
Registered:Arabian Association

Journey is an in your pocket kind of horse. She loves attention from her person. She is lowest on the pecking order in the herd. She trail rides and also does great in the arena. She can go English or Western. She’s very fast and needs an experienced rider. The current owner is re-homing her only because she doesn’t have the time to give her she needs. Journey performs better when ridden consistently and needs a confident rider. She is being re-homed by the owner but will go through the Mississippi Horse Rescue application process and contract.

Re-homing fee: $850


Journey was formerly donated to MHR during the 2016 Safe Horse Auction. She is once again, at no fault of her own, looking for her special person. This is a super nice horse! Be sure to visit her page for more information.

Posted by Mississippi Horses on Monday, March 25, 2019