Gender: Gelding
Age: 6 yrs old
Hands: 14.2H
Breed: Quarter Horse

Pal is in training using Clinton Anderson type techniques. He has a brand so we were able to locate his breeder. We have two sets of papers that he could possibly be, both are 6 years old and would have the same sire. Pal had not had any training before coming to us, and was fearful, but very willing to please. He is still a little unsure of new people and needs an owner who understands his past fears and is willing to build a true partnership with him. He is short but stout and has been doing great on the trails. He can get nervous when he’s in a new situation, but we are working on exposing him to as much as possible. He’s never bucked or reared, just gets antsy when he’s nervous. Pal is getting lots of miles and should be ready to meet his new owner at the Safe Horse Auction.

I’m amazed at how quickly Pal is turning into a trusting mount. I thought he’d be a long term project, but he might be available much sooner than expected. #applythemethod #mhrPal

Posted by Mississippi Horses on Wednesday, July 3, 2019