Team Ava

Gender: Mare
Age: 6
Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse

Ava and another mare, Abby, were intercepted from shipment to slaughter from an individual in Arkansas. They were purchased by a rescue group, put through quarantine and completely vetted before being put into the Trainer’s Challenge. The two mares are very bonded, and may be a mother/daughter pair.

Michael & Barbara Taube, Barbara –¬†After almost 30 years away from horses I bought a green broke gelding in 2001. Although that is not something I would recommend to a new horse person it worked out great for us. Since he still needed a lot of work I had the motivation to learn. I worked with 2 professional trainers at the barn where I used to board, working with him and others, including starting or helping start approximately 12 young horses. We have 5 pasos including one we bought from a killpen in 2018. My husband and I have done all of the work with these horses since they came to us. I have studied and attended clinics by Chris Cox, Clinton Anderson, Neil Davies (no clinic) and Cary Hardaman. I used to show in regional Paso fino shows but haven’t shown since 2016 in Germantown, TN

Ava is in the Volunteer Challenge and isn’t currently available for adoption.