Team Cayenne

Gender: Gelding
Age: 6 yrs old
Breed: Quarter Horse

Cayenne was a young stallion when he and several other horses were rescued from a neglect case. The young stallion was a fighter and his aggressive attitude, even after being gelded, made him unsuitable for most training programs.

Braxton Basinger –  I am currently located in Oxford, Mississippi; where I raise and train working cow horses. Growing up, working off horses was something I was taught when moving livestock. At a young age, I moved away from home to work for different trainers, such as the famous NCHA judge, C.T. Bryant. He’s the trainer that has inspired me the most and I’ve used what I’ve learned from him to train horses that have made it to futurity level. After years of training with others, I decided to move out on my own and focus on training workhorses and teaching people the ways of making a true working horse.

We are sad to say that Braxton had an accident (not on Cayenne) and was unable to finish Cayenne for the Trainers Challenge. He’s unable to ride for a couple of weeks but will continue to work with Cayenne.  Be on the lookout for Cayenne to be available later this summer. 


Braxton’s goal with Cayenne is to make him a safe mount so he can find a loving home. For more info on Cayenne and to follow him on his journey be sure to visit his page!

Posted by Mississippi Horses on Friday, March 13, 2020