Gender: Mare
Age: 15

Moana was bailed from a kill pen in Texas 3 yrs ago. During shipment from Texas to her new home, the truck broke down near Jackson, MS and she was unloaded into a pasture while the truck was being repaired. When they returned to pick her up, they couldn’t catch her so she has been with a herd of horses where she has remained untouched until she was donated to Mississippi Horse Rescue for the Trainers Challenge.

Lauren Henny – My family got me into horses at a very young age. I was able to be involved in many different disciplines including western, hunters, barrels, cross country. At the age of 17, i started my career in horses up in Middleboro MA at a Paso Fino Farm. For almost 10 years I got to work and train at some top-notch Paso Fino farms across the country. In 2008 I started my own boarding and Training Facility from ground up. My focus shifted to all breeds with  horsemanship training and building stronger connections and communication both on the ground and under saddle.  And teaching people how to achieve this with their own horses. In 2014 I competed in The American Horse Womans challenge with my mustang mare Kinkajoua. I was one of 2 women out of 40 to use a wild mustang.  It was an amazing opportunity to compete along with some truly amazing horsewoman. Since I have been training, expanding on my liberty starts and works both on the ground and under saddle. I enjoy competing and running the Alabama obstacle challenge Series and helping riders and horses become outstanding partners and love training for some of the rescues to help their horses find good homes.

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My Safe Horse Challenge Mare arrived yesterday evening! Meet Moana. We will compete May 1st and 2nd in Jackson MS in the…

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