Gender: Gelding
Age: 10 yrs old
Breed: Palomino

Sam Elliott was rescued on April 1, 2019, from a horrific neglect case where many horses had already perished. Sam E. was still a stallion and very aggressive towards other horses and people. Once he was gelded, his aggressiveness abated but he was still leery of people and while he may have been ridden in his past, he didn’t know anything.

David Grey – I studied Parelli and participated in one of his clinics in Tunica a few years ago. I trained for Mississippi Horse Rescue as a paid trainer as well as a volunteer for a couple of years. I helped them with their hard to handle horses as well as owners of recently adopted horses to help them develop a partnership. I have trained for other clients as well but have focused primarily on my farrier work over the past few years and I would like to get back into more training. I’m participating in the clinic to buff my skills and to help more horses find good homes.

Loved watching these two today! #mhrTeamSamElliott

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#mhrTeamSamElliottSam had his second ride today. He did great.We spent some time learning the drag things behind him.He doesn’t mind I think he thinks he’s a superhero!😂😎

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