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Update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are limiting the number of horses that will be promoted during the Safe Horse Auction and Trainers Challenge that will be held through a live feed on Facebook May 1 and May 2. The event will be held at the Kirk Fordice Equine Center where we are working closely with the fairgrounds commission and will be strictly enforcing social distancing and disinfectant protocols. Pre-approved buyers will be allowed on-site Saturday, May 2, by appointment only to meet and try out the horses. Since the number of owners in need of re-homing their horses surpasses the number we can feasibly show on May 2, we are developing an ongoing online platform similar to the Safe Horse Auction that will be another way to safely re-home and buy/adopt horses so stay tuned.

This year there will be a limit of 50 riding horses – see requirements and qualifications below. The cut off for registration will be when we have reached the maximum or the month before the event, whichever comes first. So be sure to get your application in early! No entry, including minis and donkeys, will be excepted past April 3 at 12 noon.  This allows each equine to be promoted in advance of the auction increasing their chances of finding the right home.


The Safe Horse Project seeks to change the way the horse industry buys and sells horses. We are providing the venue for an open and honest forum with the tools to optimize the right horse/right home effort: buyer screening and owner matching methods similar to those used by rescue organizations; trainer evaluations; owner education; ongoing guidance; and training seminars conducted with new owners after the horse is in its new home. Registration applications and horse information questionnaires will be reviewed carefully, with horses selected for participation in the auction based upon the goal of presenting horses that have a chance at a quality life with minor rehab and training for both
horse and new owner.

We encourage all horses be sold with a contract to help ensure its continued safety after the sale. Once approved to sell at the auction, we will send you a sample copy of a sales contract to review and tweak to meet your needs for your horse.


Horses will be sold through a sealed bid auction format. Each horse is assigned a stall with a horse information sheet and minimum opening bid amount displayed on the stall door. There will also be a list indicating bids received (by bidder number, not dollar amount) posted on the stall so that bidders will know that there is active interest in the horse and will consider that in placing their high bid limits. The horse will be assigned an auction number that corresponds to its stall number. That number
should be displayed on the horse at all times so that buyers know where to go to bid on that horse if they see it in one of the viewing areas rather than the stall.

Horses in the Trainers Challenge will be shown on Friday.  All other horses will be shown begninning Saturday morning at 10 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Sealed bids can be turned in to the office any time between noon and 3 p.m. Horses can be shown to potential buyers by the owners and/or trainers only. Round pens are designated for potential buyers and/or trainers to evaluate and test ride sale horses under supervision. Sellers must be with their horse at all times during the public viewing time to answer questions. It is recommended that you also remain available during the bidding period. If you are unable to be at the auction, or are unable to show your horse, please see Trainer Services for more information.

All buyers must complete the Buyer Application Form to receive a Bidder Number. Prescreened buyers will have an “Approved Buyer” designation on their Bidder Number badge, indicating that they have completed the buyer evaluation process and they meet minimum requirements for horse ownership. Buyers who did not apply for participation in the event early enough for their application to be screened will be issued a Bidder Number and can place bids to purchase; however, they will not be able to take home any horse offered by a rescue organization until the buyer screening process is completed. Private sellers are also encouraged to follow this safe horse policy but may, at their discretion, accept a non pre-approved bid and release their horse on sale day. A private seller may also, at their discretion, accept an Approved Buyer bid over an unscreened buyer bid (even if the unscreened bidder has offered the high bid) if seller wishes to complete the sale transaction on auction day.

During the viewing and bidding process, the Seller should take note of the Bidder Numbers of parties interested in their horse, particularly if it is felt that a particular potential Buyer/Bidder would not be a good match for the horse. The Seller has full discretion to refuse the bids of any potential buyer by filing a Bid Rejection Form in the Sales Office no later than 3:00 p.m.

Rejected bids will not be opened or allowed to affect the bidding price of other bids/bidders. The Seller must also file the Bid Acceptance Form with the Sales Office no later than 3:00 p.m. (failure to do so indicates the Seller’s agreement to allow the Sales Office to accept the highest Approved Buyer bid, even if it is not the highest bid received). Click here for more information on Bid Acceptance Options.

The number of the winning bidders will be posted on a list outside the Sales Office between 3:15-3:45 p.m., at which time payments will be accepted at the Sales Office. In the event of a tied high bid, a Silent Auction Bid Sheet for that horse will be posted outside the Sales Office at 3:45 p.m. indicating the tied bid amount and the Bidder Numbers of the potential buyers involved in the tie. The tied Bidders will then have the opportunity to continue bidding on the Silent Auction Bid Sheet to determine the high bidder.


Sale horses can arrive and check in Friday between 4 – 6 p.m. or Saturday between 7 – 9 a.m. Arriving horses must be checked in at the gate to receive stall assignments. Original Coggins certificate (copies are not excepted) will be required for entry and will be retained by event coordinators until the horse leaves the property. Any horses arriving from out of state, or that are being presented with an out of state Coggins certificate, will also require a health certificate. Owners must provide feed, hay and bucket for water for the duration of its stay on the sale grounds. A large bag of shavings is included in the stall fee. Additional shavings can be purchased through the office.

A sale packet will be issued to each horse as it enters the gate. This packet will contain the horse’s stall assignment, auction number & Horse Information Sheet, as well as the following blank forms that may be used during the auction process: Trainer Services Request, Safe Horse Auction Bid Acceptance Form, and Bidder Rejection Form. The blank forms should be filled out as needed and presented to the Sales Office table (located in the indoor arena) for processing and fee payments:

Trainer Services Form – upon request and payment of fee, a trainer will be assigned by the event coordinator to deliver the services requested. Seller requests for a specific trainer will be considered, but actual trainer assignment and scheduling is at the discretion of the event staff.
Bid Acceptance Form – Sellers must submit the completed Bid Acceptance form authorizing/instructing the Sales Office of preferred bid acceptance policies for their horse.

Bid Rejection Form – If a Seller determines that a specific Bidder is not a good match for their horse, the Seller can use this form to disqualify any sealed bid received from that bidder for that horse.

All horses must be picked up by noon on Sunday unless other arrangements are made in advance. Identification/proof of ownership will be required for all departing horses. New owners must present a signed Safe Horse Auction Bill of Sale as proof of ownership. Coggins will be returned as the horse exits.


Horses presented at the Safe Horse Auction must be healthy, free of any visible signs of illness, be sound, trained to ride and/or drive and have proof of negative Coggins. (The riding/driving requirement is waived for miniatures and donkeys, but all consigned minis and donkeys must be tame and halter broken.) Qualifying horses from out of state, or any horse presented with an out of state Coggins certificate, must also have a health certificate. Only horses with completed Horse Information Questionnaires will be accepted.

Because all horses presented for sale must be trained to ride or drive, a video showing the horse being mounted, ridden (at walk, trot/gait and canter), stopped, backed and dismounted (or driven) must be submitted with the Sales Application. If you need help evaluating/videoing and/or showing your horse, we can put you in touch with a trainer closest to you that can help you with the video prior to the event.

Registered auction horses will be listed on the Safe Horse Project’s web site and Facebook page. It is to the sellers’ advantage to register early, taking advantage of this advertisement to promote interest in their horse. Good photos and video are your best tools when selling your horse. Full body shots taken from the side, a good headshot, a photo of registration papers if your horse is registered and at least one video (showing the horse moving and preferably under saddle) are crucial to attracting buyers to the auction and to encourage bidding on your horse. Send
registration, pictures, and video to
No horse will be advertised or assigned a stall until registration is complete and the non-refundable $35 registration fee has been

Printable Seller Application and Horse Information Questionnaire
Online Seller Application and Horse Information Questionnaire
Submit online or pdf Application and email pictures and video to or mail to:
The Safe Horse Project
569 North Old Canton Road
Madison, MS 39110


There is a $35 non-refundable registration fee to enter your horse in the Safe Horse Auction.

The registration fee includes free overnight stabling on Friday and one bag of shavings. Additional nights may be arranged @ $15/night.

Tack Stall
Tack Stalls are available for $15 for the weekend. You must request and pay for the tack stall in advance in order to have it located next to or adjacent to your horse. If not requested in advance, you can still pay for a tack stall, but it will not be located with your horse. It is recommended that you bring a chain and padlock to secure your tack room. Neither The Safe Horse Auction or the Kirk Fordice Equestrian Center management is responsible for any lost or stolen personal items.

Sales Commission/Sales Processing Fee
A charge of $15, or 10% of the actual sale price accepted (whichever is greater) will be assessed as a sales processing fee. If you retain a trainer to present the horse for you at the sales, there will be an additional sales commission charge as well as other nominal charges. See Trainer Services for more information.

We’ve learned that most horses have holes in their training leading to problems and issues that can become dangerous for the average rider. Some horses just need fine tuning while others may need to be restarted. Correctly matching new owners with the right horse increases a positive outcome.

Horse Assessments
Trainers are available for $30 for a minimum of 30 minutes to do a round pen evaluation and provide a written assessment on what your horse needs moving forward. These assessments aren’t intended to correct bad behavior but to address it and any problems your horse may have. Posting these assessments with the Horse Information Sheet can help buyers make a more informed decision about the horse’s suitability for their needs. Sellers are strongly urged to have a trainer evaluation done are requested to bring their horse in on Friday if possible so that the trainers have ample time to do the assessments. If you’d like your horse evaluated prior to delivery for the event, we can put you in touch with one of our trainers. With the owner’s permission, Buyers may also request and pay for a trainer evaluation of a horse to help determine if the horse they are interested in is a good match for their skills/abilities.

Trainer Presentation of Horse
If you are unable to be at the auction or would prefer that a trainer present the horse for you, an additional $50 will be required and the trainer showing the horse will get a 10% commission if the horse sells. You must make trainer presentation arrangements in advance by contacting Stephanie Billingsley at 601-201-8522.

Veterinary services
A veterinarian will be on the grounds to provide dental, low-cost vaccinations, and basic health checks. These services are by
appointment only and prices will vary depending on the service rendered.

Farrier services
A farrier will be on the grounds to provide trims and shoeing. Prices will vary depending on the service rendered.

Online Seller Application form
Printable Seller Application Form