Trainers Challenge Requirements

2021 Trainer Challenge
There are three divisions looking for experienced to beginner participants with a desire
to become the best trainer/equestrian/volunteer they can be. Mississippi Horse Rescue
(MHR) has recently partnered with the Forever Foundation’s Plan 4 Progress Training
Program (P4P) that offers volunteers, adopters and trainers an adaptable training
template presented in a self paced video series so that horses will have consistency in
handling throughout their time at the rescue, in training and once they arrive at their new home.
Participants are given a clear plan to follow using natural horsemanship techniques that
focus on communicating with horses in a way the animals understand. The Plan 4
Progress Program is already helping rescue organizations across the United States see
a 50% increase in adoptable horses! We hope you will join this exciting event to
promote horse trainers, increase horse adoptions and horse ownership.

Please review:

How fostering a horse in training works:
You must be approved through the Trainers Challenge Application. MHR will cover vet and farrier and foster will cover daily care/feed. It is encouraged for you to solicit sponsors to cover your feed expenses. Each horse will have their own web page that will be promoted on social media to create interest in each horse/trainer team and is a great tool to promote sponsors.

What is the cost for clinics:
Invitational division participants are required to attend at least 2 P4P sponsored
clinics and Volunteer and Youth division participants are required to attend at least 4 P4P clinics. These are $35 per clinic.

Be willing to commit to consistent video and photo updates of your horse’s progress the 90 days.Plan to work to market your training horse. Offer discounted lessons after adoption to the adopters to encourage a lasting partnership. Be a great sport and have fun!

Trainers will be allowed to pick out their horse in order that applications are received. Horses can be picked up beginning October 15th. So get your application in early!

Division requirements are broken down into three categories. We ask that you be very honest and candid about the division you qualify for to make the process smoother during our screening.

 Open – the Pro division requirements:
1. You must earn a substantial amount of your income from training.
2. Have a business website or business social media presence.
3. A skill set of a professional as determined by the Mississippi Horse Rescue team.
4. Age requirement is 18 and up
5. Provide a 5 minute (unedited) training video and a 5 minute video including
ground work and W/T/C footage. We understand all trainers have their own way
of training but it is required that everyone watch the Plan 4 Progress videos for
the contest. We do not expect you to change your training method but do expect
you to have the same end result when required to perform a task.
6. Horses for the Open Division may be unhandled / feral in type. Some will likel
not be able to be haltered. Horses will be available for pick up beginning October 15th at Muleshoe Ranch, Coila, MS or Twelve Oaks Horse Farm in Canton.
7. Descriptions of horses will be posted on the web site and participants will be able to choose horses grouped by division.

** Trainers that apply for the Open Division but do not meet the full jury requirements
are eligible to be approved for the Invitational division.

Invitational – Requirements:
This division is for up and coming trainers who are open to learning the training techniques used by MHR trainers and increase their client base.

 1. You must have at least two years of verifiable training being provided to your
local equine community.

 2. A solid list compromised of show history, client base and/or peer references to
create a portfolio to establish your skill as a trainer

3. Age requirement is 18 and up.

4. You must have horsemanship skills beyond that of just a good rider.

5. You must have some knowledge of ground work skill.

6. Provide a 5 minute (unedited) training video and a 5 minute video including
ground work and W/T/C footage.

7. Horses for the Invitational division will be at least halter trained, and they will be
pointed, through assessment. from our team, to even the playing field.

Volunteer/Youth – Division Requirements:
This is a great opportunity to learn from experienced trainers that will boost your confidence as a horse owner and volunteer for MHR.

1. Must have some experience handling horses.

2. MUST be able to attend a minimum of 4 hands on clinics that will be held at 
various locations – dates to be announced.

3. Age requirement is 13 and up unless partnered with a parent or trainer.

4. Horses for the Volunteer/Youth division will be mini’s, young horses, possibly
already under-saddle or at least halter trained, and they will be pointed, through
assessment, from our team, to even the playing field.

5. Invitational and Volunteer/Youth will compete using training techniques as set
forth by Plan 4 Progress.

6. Open Invitation participants are asked to watch the videos but can compete using their own styles and techniques.