The Safe Horse Project endorses the use of natural horsemanship methods (as used by T. Dorrance, R. Hunt, C. Anderson, P. Parelli, C. Cox, etc.) that promote mutual communication, respect and understanding between horse and handler. We understand all trainers have their own way of training and we do not expect a trainer chosen to participate in our events or programs to change their training methods, but do expect them to train our challenge horses to have basic ground manners, and to perform in-hand maneuvers and basic round pen exercises in response to basic natural horsemanship communication methods in addition to riding and/or driving skills.

We are currently recruiting trainer applications for two different projects:

  • The Heart of the Horse Trainers Challenge is a 120 day competition offering over $15,000 in cash and prizes! This event involves the intensive training of horses between the ages of 3 – 12 yrs. of age that are sound and healthy, but are totally or mostly untrained. Pick up of the Challenge Horses is mid-January with the final competition the third weekend in May.  For further information, see 2023 Trainer Prizes & Benefits and  2023 Heart of the Horse Trainer Information.

  • The Diamond Project is not a competition and has no time limit for the training period. Diamond Project horses are equines that fall outside of the requirements of the Trainers Challenge horses in that they may be younger or older and/or may have had prior saddle training but have holes in their education, or may have temperaments that would not fit well with an intensive training schedule under a specific deadline. Diamond horses may be picked up on a mutually agreeable date, and the trainer determines when the horse is ready for adoption. Please see Diamond Project Trainer Information to see if you would like to begin polishing an equine diamond in the rough into a sparkling gem!

The horses provided for the Heart of the Horse Trainers Challenge and the Diamond Project are, and will remain, the property of Mississippi Horse Rescue (MHR) unless a specific agreement otherwise is made known at the time the horse is accepted into training. All of the equines will be available for adoption under contract to approved homes only (as determined by MHR screening policies). Adoption fees and the percentage of fee retained by the trainer vary according to the desirability/ability of the animal and by the trainer commissions specified by the program the trainer is working under.

If you are interested in becoming a trainer for either, or both, of these exciting Safe Horse Projects, please read all of the information supplied regarding the program(s) of interest and then complete this on-line application: The Safe Horse Project Trainer Application.