The Safe Horse Project

Application for Donation of Horse from Private Owner

The Heart of the Horse Trainers Challenge spans a relatively short period of time, just 120 days. Therefore, the horses chosen for the Challenge must already be sound and in relatively good body condition rather than in need of rehabilitation. Horses with no training (other than minimal halter training) are preferred. Age for Challenge horses is restricted to 3 – 12 years old.

Diamond Project Horses are horses that may have had prior training, but need retraining for a new job, a tune-up because they have not been ridden in a few years, or may have had no training or have holes in their training that need to be corrected. Diamond horses must be sound with a reasonable expectation that they will become serviceable riding horses. There is no particular age restriction placed on Diamond Horses as long as they will have a future as a riding partner.

Private Owners who wish to donate an equine to either of these Safe Horse Project programs should fill out this application form. Application does not guarantee selection into a program, since there are a limited number of equine needed for the HOTH Trainers Challenge, and the number of Diamond Project Horses will often be limited to the number of trainers currently participating in that program. Any private owner who’s equine is accepted will be asked to sign surrender agreement to Mississippi Horses Rescue, will be made available for adoption to approved homes only at the conclusion of their training, and will be protected under the MHR protection umbrella for the duration of its life.

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