This program is for horses that do not fit the age, physical, emotional or behavioral profile to be successful in an intensive short term training program, or who have prior training that disqualifies them from the Trainer Challenge. These horses may have no training, or holes in their training, or just need retraining to find a new purpose and better future.  

If you are a trainer with the heart to change the destiny of unwanted horses and the desire to polish a diamond in the rough until it shines, please consider taking on a Diamond Project horse as a Foster to Train/Adopt. This program is not a competition; horses in the Diamond Project program can be made available for adoption to approved homes at any time their trainer and/or MHR determine that they are ready for their new vocation – it may be a matter of weeks, or it may be many months to a year – depending on the horse chosen to work with. 

The Foster to Train/Adopt contract is similar to a standard Foster to Adopt contract, in that the adoption fee due to MHR is stated in advance (generally a fee of $200 – $600, but may be more depending upon the age, health, and amount of pre-existing training) along with a specified foster period. The time period of the contract may vary, ranging from 3-4 months up to a year, depending on the horse.  If you decide that the horse is ready for adoption (either to yourself or to another MHR approved party) at any time during the contract period, the only fee you owe MHR is the amount stated in the contract. Assuming that the value of the animal will increase due to your training, all fees collected above the original contract amount are yours to keep. For the duration of the contract period, you have the final say over the adoption fee charged and what person is able to adopt the horse (provided that person has gone through the Mississippi Horses adoption application process and is approved). During the foster period, MHR will pay the equine’s routine vet and farrier maintenance (trimming only unless agreed upon in advance). Any extraordinary vet or farrier costs should be cleared through MHR in advance. As a Foster, you will be responsible for all other feed, care and maintenance expenses. You may return the horse to MHR at any time during the contract period. If you keep the horse for the entirety of the contract without it being adopted, you must return it to MHR unless it is mutually agreed to extend the contract period. If you have trained the horse for the entire contract period and then return it, you will be entitled to 75% of the adoption fee paid over the base amount stated in the Foster to Train/Adopt if it is adopted within 90 days after return.

If you would like to become a Diamond Project Trainer, please fill out The Safe Horse Trainer Application on-line form. Required photos and videos should be emailed to: