The Safe Horse Project is looking for horses between 3 – 12 years old that are sound and healthy, but have uncertain futures because they are untrained. 

  • Are you a rescue organization that has more horses in need of training than you have trainers? Consider submitting a horse or horses into the Heart of the Horse Trainers Challenge! For more information, see Invitation for Rescue Horse Participation in Heart of the Horse Trainers Challenge
  • Do you have a horse that you can no longer care for, or need to thin your herd, but fear for the future of your equine if you take it to auction or sell it without training? Please consider donating it to Mississippi Horses/The Safe Horse Project for the upcoming Heart of the Horse Trainers Challenge. Your donation may be tax deductible. For more information, see Application for Donation of Horse from Private Owner

All horses accepted into the Heart of the Horse Trainers Challenge must have a current (within 3 months) Coggins, and proof of current vaccinations at the time they are delivered to The Safe Horse Project.