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The Safe Horse Project is a partnership of equine organizations and volunteers who want to make a difference in the welfare of horses in Mississippi. The group is planning safe horse auctions, one day open shelters and low cost gelding events throughout the year. The events will give horse owners a safe place to sell their horses as well as buy their next riding companion. Gelding events will provide owners a low cost solution for gelding consequently helping to reduce unwanted breeding.

Update Fall 2017 - Open Door Shelter and Safe Horse Adoption

Coming September 23 at the Canton Multipurpose and Equine Center. Check back on the Events page for more details, we will be posting more information soon.

Update Spring 2017 - Gelding Project

Operation Gelding is a collaboration of veterinarians and rescue organizations with the assistance of a grant from the Unwanted Horse Coalition to ensure that equine owners without sufficient resources can still have access to castration surgeries. Several gelding clinics will be scheduled across the state during the spring and fall of 2017. For more information see the Events page.

Update 2016 - Safe Horse Auction

We are excited that 15 horses found the right home through the Safe Horse Auction. There could have been more horses sold but the owners wanted to make sure the person had enough experience to handle the horse or that the horse was suited for their intended purpose. That was the purpose of the silent auction format and it seemed to work. We will definitely be planning another in the future and appreciate all of our sponsors and those who attended. We will continue to post the horses for sale by owners for a few weeks and give updates on those sold so if there was one you liked we can put you in touch.


We need your help distributing printed flyers. We need people that are not on social media to know about the Gelding Clinic. You can also give the flyer to someone who may be struggling to keep their horses. Thank you!

Document to print and share: Gelding Clinic Flyer.